Joe Rogan: Another controversy

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Ever the controversial figure, Joe Rogan, an American commentator, and podcaster, came under fire again for his recent podcast with Jordan Peterson regarding comments on race, climate, and Covid-19. Jordan Peterson is a Canadian-born psychologist who knows a thing or two about the controversy as well.

Before this particular podcast, Neil Young, a singer, asked Spotify to either keep his songs or Rogan’s podcast, but not both. This was in regard to the misinformation spread by Rogan’s podcast about Covid-19. It is not hard to explain why misinformation is so dangerous in these turbulent times. Spotify ended up choosing Joe Rogan and Neil Young removed his music from the platform. Spotify’s decision was based on lucrative reasons since Rogan brought in viewership, rather than Young, a cultural legend.

Onto the Jordan Peterson podcast now. In this podcast, Joe Rogan and Jordan Peterson sounded off on topics such as race and climate change. Suffice to say, they were not the best comments. About climate change, Peterson said that “there’s no such thing as climate, right?”, which is quite bizarre and that the modeling used to predict climate change and its consequences is flawed. This is false because the modeling used for weather is different from the modeling used for the climate. The difference between weather and climate is the duration, where the weather is the condition of the atmosphere over a short timeframe and climate refers to a long period of time and the average weather of that particular area. This is why the weather forecast gets more inaccurate as time passes by since scientists have to predict the future weather using estimates and assumptions and since the atmosphere changes all the time, those estimates become less reliable. This is not the case with climate modeling. The time gap is much larger, expanding unto centuries, and is further supported by laws of thermodynamics and energy balance. So Jordan Peterson’s remarks and Joe Rogan’s indifferent input cannot contest the fact that they’re quite wrong on this issue.

The other controversial comments were regarding race. Rogan said, “Unless you are talking to someone who is like 100% African from the darkest place where they are not wearing any clothes all day … the term Black is weird.” and “I’m not white, I’m Italian”. This was in response to fellow black commentator Mike Dyson saying that Peterson was “a mean angry white man”. Race is not just about the shade of one’s skin or color, there is so much more to that. Rather than the physical characteristics, behavioural characteristics are taken into consideration. The race is a social and cultural construct . Biological factors do not determine whether a person belongs to a certain race. That has been debunked by scientists because there are physical traits that overlap between races and humans tend to be quite similar, genetically.

Joe Rogan and Jordan Peterson, being two very influential figures, should have taken a more sound approach in these subjects and researched the topics thoroughly. The spread of such misinformation is quite dangerous.

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