Murky situation over at Ukraine

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What exactly is happening over in Ukraine? This is the continuation of a conflict that started in 2014. This was and still is, in regard to the annexation of Crimea by Russia from Ukraine, after the Soviet Union broke up in the early ‘90s… It was an illegal annexation. Then in October 2021, Russia started to move militia and military equipment near the Ukraine border. This was, without reason, a cause of concern. Nobody gave any explanation as to why the Russians were there. As the number of militia continued to grow near the border, U.S Intelligence warned that Russia may be planning an invasion in 2022. This conflict, however, is not only because of the Crimea annexation. It is also a way for President Vladimir Putin, as the conquest of Ukraine will lead to him exerting his influence in Europe and consequently the world. Basically, he’s trying to leave his imprint on the world. It would also seem to be an opportunistic time for Mr. Putin, considering that the U.S. had withdrawn their troops from Afghanistan and is currently facing inner turmoil as well as Europe having problems with the EU and UK. Both factions are facing the global COVID-19 pandemic too.

President Joe Biden tried to make proper diplomatic relations with Russia and some of Russia’s requests included a ban on the NATO membership of Ukraine, which both the US and NATO refused. If the U.S teamed up with the EU and other European countries, the invasion of Russia could be stopped. This week, Mr. Boris Johnson will be discussing this matter with other world leaders, especially those in the Nordic and Baltic countries. A representative from Downing Street said that the prime minister is “working tirelessly alongside our allies to get Russia to step back from the brink”. President Joe Biden has also been invited to visit Ukraine after a phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. Hopefully, the efforts of these two men will lead to a de-escalation of the conflict.

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