Boris Johnson resigns

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Following a wave of resignations from inside his own party that undermined his authority and rendered the British government inoperable, Boris Johnson resigned as the head of the Conservative Party on Thursday, clearing the way for a new prime minister. Johnson said, “It is now obviously the decision of the parliamentary Conservative Party that there should be a new head of that party and hence a new prime minister,” while addressing a crowd of supporters and bystanders at the podium outside 10 Downing Street.


Johnson remained unmoved and made no apologies for the actions that had led the 58-year-old politician to this point. Instead, he attributed his failure to his party, likening his colleagues to stampeding animals. “As we have witnessed at Westminster, the herd moves when the herd moves. And my friends, nobody is even close to being indispensable in politics,” Johnson replied. There won’t be a presidential election. Instead, paying members of the Conservative Party, which will continue to hold power, will elect Britain’s next leader through a ballot. Johnson stated that he will remain in office for at least six weeks or until a new leader is in place. He replaced every minister who had left him with a new cabinet of officials while vowing not to “adopt new policies or make dramatic changes of direction.”


In the end, his premiership was not brought to an end by a failed policy. It wasn’t a financial scandal involving shady transactions or favouritism in hiring. It wasn’t truly a visual problem. Johnson’s continual bobbing, weaving, and ducking did him in. His deception, hi s evasions in the face of several scandals, including the coronavirus lockdown parties, the renovation of his official quarters, and the selection of an ally accused of sexual misconduct also contributed to that. Instead of being disappointed in Johnson, his fellow Tories voiced disgust. Sajid Javid, the outgoing health minister and potential leader, declared, “Enough is enough.” “I’ve come to the conclusion that the problem originates at the top, and I think it won’t change.” Johnson’s cabinet members were tired of having to defend the government in front of the cameras on early morning TV newscasts only to discover hours or days later that Johnson and his advisers hadn’t been completely honest with them. There was always another shoe to drop with Johnson. Theresa May remained in office for roughly two months in 2019; prime ministers frequently serve through the nomination of their successors. However, some legislators and party grandees cautioned that Johnson was tarnishing the party’s reputation and that he was too damaged to serve through the summer.


While Johnson’s fall from grace appeared to occur quickly, analysts suggested it had actually been happening for some time. In May’s local elections, the Conservative Party did poorly, and surveys indicated that the party would lose the majority in the next general election. Johnson narrowly prevailed in a vote of confidence in his leadership last month, with 41% of the lawmakers in his party declaring him unsuitable for office. Amazingly, he received boos from a throng that would ordinarily applaud a Conservative leader during a celebration for Queen Elizabeth II’s diamond jubilee. Ben Wallace was in the lead according to a YouGov poll conducted on Thursday. Wallace thought it was important to reassure Britons that they were safe as the world saw Johnson collapse and the British government fall apart on Thursday. No matter who the prime minister is, many of us have a responsibility to keep this country secure, he wrote in a tweet. Rishi Sunak, a former finance minister and chancellor, Penny Mordaunt, and Liz Truss, a secretary of state for foreign affairs, are also among the leading candidates.


Johnson is not the first Conservative leader to be promptly replaced when they become ineffective by his party, which is renowned for doing so. Even Winston Churchill quit as his health deteriorated in his final years after being gently prodded. Johnson’s signature accomplishment was Brexit, for better or worse—it remains to be seen. As prime minister, he fulfilled his pledge to “get Brexit done” by persuading the British people to leave the European Union and its regulatory alignment, customs union, and single market. Although the public may be weary of the never-ending discussion on the subject, Johnson’s vision of a gallant, free-trading country with a growing economy that welcomes the “best and brightest” immigrants has not yet come to pass. Brexit hasn’t even been that horrible.


Written by: Relaks Radio

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