The Science Behind Why McDonald’s Coke Tastes Better

todayMarch 20, 2023

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Have you ever wondered why the Coca-Cola served at McDonald’s tastes so uniquely different compared to any other can or bottle? Well, you’re not alone. There is actually a whole set of reasons that explain the concept we’ve been trying to wrap our tastebuds around for decades. And it all starts with the partnership between the fast-food chain and the drinks company back in the 1950s.

Since then, McDonald’s and Coca-Cola have developed ten different processes that are entirely unique to the way the chain restaurant operates compared to others. And it’s not just the ingredients that make a difference. From the containers that the Coca-Cola syrup is stored in all the way through to the types of straws used – every single part of the journey has a reason.

So, what makes McDonald’s Coca-Cola so special? First of all, unlike canned drinks, McDonald’s coke is not pre-mixed. Fountain coke is mixed ‘the moment they start pouring from the tap’, which leads to a ‘fresher flavour’. Additionally, McDonald’s standardises their syrup level measurements, strictly adhering to 40 grams of sugar per every small coke.

But that’s not all. McDonald’s goes to great lengths to make sure their coke meets a certain standard and that dilution won’t affect the overall flavour. They pre-chill their syrup to slow down ice melting and use steel storage tanks to keep the product as fresh as possible. The water used to mix the syrup is also kept at a chilled temperature and goes through an advanced filtration system to ensure the cleanest water possible. Carbon dioxide levels are kept high to ‘optimise’ bubble levels, which adds the slightly crisper sensation that many attribute to McDonald’s coke.

Even the packaging itself plays a role in the unique taste of McDonald’s Coca-Cola. The chain uses wider straws than any other fast-food restaurant, allowing for bigger sips that can let the beverage ‘wash over your taste buds’ more efficiently. And their plastic cups are better at returning carbonation than glass containers or aluminium cans.

In conclusion, there are ten different processes that contribute to the unique flavour of McDonald’s Coca-Cola. So the next time you sip on a Coke at McDonald’s, you can appreciate the intricate journey that every part of the drink goes through before it reaches your taste buds.

Written by: Relaks Radio

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