We are everywhere!

Since 2019, Relaks Radio has been an independent
and self-funded global phone-in and conservative
talk radio station. With a wide range of target
audiences primarily in the UK, our main objective is
to create a platform to encourage much needed
conversation and exchange critical information and
discuss current topics in the business world.


To strive to deliver the best service in the nation. Our goal is to
inspire individuals to view the world from a kaleidscope of
perspectives and engage with our audience and communities.


To provide a trusted, reliable and vital hub for information, news
and entertainment while also building and strengthening the
cultural and societal bonds in the community.

Keeping it real!

As of status quo, the supply and demand system
of capitalism drives the type of programs we
hear on radio. Yet, we at Relaks radio have made
it a point to focus on the more critical
conversation and information with regards to
politics, current affairs, business and even
entertainment. We believe that information is
power, which is why we have taken it upon
ourselves to share vital information with the
common folk and encourage conversation that
could be deemed to be uncomfortable yet is
absolutely essential for organic communal